The Driveler hisself.

TheDailyDrivel.com is produced by Tom Klaus (aka The Driveler) whenever he feels like it. Okay, so it’s not really “daily.” Get over it. You’ll be fine.

Tom grew up in Flyover Country and is fluent in Midwest English. He moved to the East Coast of the United States in 2005. He is adjusting…slowly…to the language, the traffic, the air quality, the sound and light pollution, and the overall general geographic ignorance of many East Coasters who see the whole of the U.S. as comprised of two coasts and no middle.

TheDailyDrivel.com, as it plainly says on its masthead, is comprised of:

  • Humor Attempts – because Tom is a naturally funny guy, in his humble but truthful opinion (see below).
  • Personal Stuff – because Tom likes to tell stories, and some of them are personal.
  • Occasional Rants – because Tom has, on more than one occasion, been compared to the ranting comedian Lewis Black (but without Black’s prolific use of four letter words). He usually rants about injustice and he tries hard to stay out of politics but that was pretty much impossible in 2020. In 2021 he is turning over a new leaf and doing his best to steer clear of political rants because God knows we do not need more division in this country.
  • Truth as Tom Sees It – because Tom has opinions. Overall, they are well informed opinions because Tom is a critical thinker. He reads, thinks, criticizes, reads some more, thinks some more, and criticizes some more. In the end, his truth tends to lie somewhere between the extremes.

What doe we know so far about TheDailyDrivel.com? It is written by an East Coast transplant from the most overlooked and beautiful part of the United States. He thinks he’s funny, likes to tell stories, rant about injustice, and has opinions.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about TheDailyDrivel.com.

Drivel on!