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Applause Lines that Could Have Been

I watched the State of the Union Address last night. I’m completely nonpartisan as far as the State of the Union Address goes. Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party, QAnIdiot, you name it…I am equally and easily distracted during the Address. Applause lines seem to be an important part of it. Did you know “applause-o-meters” have […]

Hacky New Year! (No Drivel)

Dear Drivelers, If you also follow my professional life at Tenacious Change, I wanted to let you know that We Got Hacked! Yes, it is embarrassing and a bit irritating. Happy New Year?!? Not really. First, it was the Tenacious Change internet-based business phone number (via Skype). Long story. That led to the loss of […]

A Bit of Trivia for the Holidays

Useless trivia…but is it, really? I often wonder that when I find myself becoming fascinated by odd factoids. Sometimes I wonder if I should actually be allowing such useless knowledge into my brain. What in the world am I going to do with it? For example… I’ve always been fascinated by the career of Tony […]

One Year Later…in a Dog’s Life

One year ago today some good-hearted rescuers found a living mass of hair tied by a leather belt to crate at a “backyard breeders.” The conditions were as horrific, if not more so, than you see on one of those ASPCA commercials designed to open not just our hearts but our wallets as well. One […]


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