Day 41 – Stories of COVID-19 and Sheltering-In-Place

All cars should be equipped with LED flashing signs on the trunk. The driver should be able to change the messages on it while she/he is driving. This will allow the driver to communicate with the idiot who is tailgating (“Back off Bozo!”) and/or who refuses to dim their bright lights (“Dim ’em Dummy!”).

Saturday, April 25, 2020 – Live to Blog from the Windmills of My Mind


“Bond…James Bond.” Counting the pause, these are four of the most famous words in cinematic history. I tried it with my own name: “Klaus…Tom Klaus.” Nope, not quite the same ring to it. Now, you try it with your own name and let me know how it works for you.

Potpourri of Unsolicited Opinions On Trivial Things (aka, It’s Been a Slow Saturday)

  • For many people there will never be a better James Bond than Sean Connery. However, I’m a bigger fan of Daniel Craig. He broke a pretty tired and cliched 007 mold.
  • The Late Show with Steven Colbert is usually brilliant. Jimmy Kimmel Live is better than I originally thought it would be. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon…uh, no; not under any circumstances.
  • Pizza is still the food of the gods…but liver and onions is a close second.
  • Speaking of Bond movies and songs, the Windmills of Your Mind (from the 1968 Bond flick The Thomas Crown Affair) had a beautiful melody but, wow, the lyrics read as if they were written by a drunk who just wouldn’t shut up.
  • Pepsi will always taste better than Coke…especially Diet Pepsi compared to Diet Coke.
  • All cars should be equipped with LED flashing signs on the trunk. The driver should be able to change the messages on it while she/he is driving. This will allow the driver to communicate with the idiot who is tailgating (“Back off Bozo!”) and/or who refuses to dim their bright lights (“Dim ’em Dummy!”).
  • All drivers who are caught changing the messages on their LED trunk signs while driving should be heavily fined…to help local governments make up revenue losses from COVID-19.
  • Hummers were the worst automotive idea since the Edsel.
  • The best rock and roll song ever written and performed is Bohemian Rhapsody. Be sure to watch the video below. It has had over 1 billion views. Wow! That’s almost as many as my 2015 colonoscopy!
  • The smartest game show: Jeopardy! The dumbest: Wheel of Fortune. (Both created by departed talk show host Merv Griffin. Go figure!)
  • Consistently best to worst fast food french fries: McDonalds, Wendy’s, Hardees, Burger King, and Arbys.
  • Traditional blue jeans vs. stretch blue jeans: you gotta love the stretch! (Especially if you are testing french fries.)
  • Saturday Night Live is just okay. (Why do they all stand around congratulating themselves on usually mediocre shows as the credits roll? I just don’t get that.) The really good and original stuff was on SCTV. (Watch this space for some occasional clips, like this one:)
Tex & Edna Boil were regular advertisers on SCTV in the 1970s. Their claim to fame were the free budgie birds they gave with the purchase of each organ.

The Adventures of Chickenman – Episode 10

In Episode 10, Chickenman (the White Winged Weekend Warrior, aka Benton Harbor) calls Ms. Helfinger to do a name check on The Strangler.

Thank you!

I’ve received many birthday greetings over the past two days but, unfortunately, no cash. Sigh. Still, I have enjoyed the greetings, really.

Each birthday I get a call from my oldest (as in length of time, not age) friend. How long have we known each other? Since before kindergarten which is at least 60 years. We used to race anything with wheels up and down the sidewalk from his parents’ house to my sister’s house…and back…in Morning Sun, Iowa. It occassionally resulted in a bloody nose, a scrape, or bruise when our driving became a little too aggressive. This year he called me as I was writing this blog. We last talked on his birthday, which is exactly three months before mine, when I called him to taunt him for still being older than me.

Mark was one of the two guys staying over at my house when we were watching the William Shatner Twilight Zone episode I wrote about in a previous blog post. We talked and laughed about it again today. It scared us spitless but that was what made it so much fun – both in real time and as a memory. These are moments that are never forgotten and which always bring joy and appreciation for old friends, new friends, and friends yet to come. Thanks, Mark! Thank you all!

Be well, stay safe, keep calm, keep washing your hands, keep wearing your mask, and keep wearing your stretch jeans!


Author: Tom Klaus

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  1. Tom, I certainly agree with pizza from Zoe’s in Marion, Iowa and liver and onions anywhere. But, dear friend, I think Coke outshines Pepsi. Sorry.

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